Welcome To The Driver+ Program

It's about time someone did something about the costs of operating your car. Introducing Driver+ - dedicated to cutting your fuel & auto costs by a lot not a little.

Starting with fuel discounts every time you buy our fuel vouchers. Then turbocharging these discounts with Fuel Super Savers. It's pretty easy to get a 20% or more discount every time.

Plus AutoCash Cashback from your online shopping. Plus ongoing specials and more. 

Fuel Discounts Every Time

Fuel Discounts Every Time

With our unique Fuel Discounting program, you can get big savings every time you top up.

Start with our Driver+ Fuel Vouchers where you get up to 5% discount. 

Plus for Silver members, there's our Fuel Super Savers. Every time you buy one, you earn an extra up to 12% discount on your next Fuel Voucher. And the more Super Savers you buy, the bigger the discount because they all add up.

Fuel Super Savers

Turbocharge your fuel discounts every month with our unique Fuel Super Saver eVouchers.

Convert supermarket & drinks shopping into more fuel discount - get an extra 4% for every $100 you spend.

Get up to 12% more from your movie tickets. 

It's pretty easy to get en extra 20% or more ongoing - because the discounts keep adding up. But only if you're a Silver member.

AutoCash Cashback

AutoCash Cashback

AutoCash Cashback is exactly what it says it is - cash you get back automatically from your spending. 

Get up to 25% cash back from online shopping at our Online Shopping Centre.

And up to 12% from your online Auto shopping.

You could earn hundreds of dollars or more every year. Check out our calculator

Driver+ Express : Our App

Express is for members only and does exactly what it says. It makes all things Driver+ work at Express speed.

Because it’s on your mobile, available 24 7. All the important things are just a few clicks.

Like our Driver+ Fuel Vouchers. And our Fuel Super Savers vouchers.

Buy them via Express and they're delivered instantly onto your phone. So you could be at the shop - even in the queue.