About Driver+

We are an independent business set up with one objective;  to get a much better deal for motorists in Australia and to cut automotive costs by a lot,  not a little.

We think there is a better way to get motorists greater value and to reduce the extremely high operating and ongoing costs of their vehicles. The average car costs around $80 per week to run according to Australia’s motoring organisations, so there is a lot of room and scope to generate significant savings.

We have no allegiances with any supplier preferring to be independent so we can find the best deals for our members. We form partnerships only after reviewing what is available in the market and continually review those partnerships to ensure that our offers remain relevant.

Our model to get money back to our members in the form of Fuel Discounts & AutoCash Cashback so they can choose how and when they want to use the money that they have created and earned via Driver+.

Our power is the power of our member base and community. The power of many versus the power on one. We plan to use that to create the greatest member value, and to cut auto costs by a lot not a little.

Welcome to the Driver+ community. We look forward to working with you and for you.